Starting with a background fueled by a love of all things mechanical, Grant Spafford began early on in his childhood satisfying his curiousity of how things work by taking them apart. Needless to say there were many household appliances, radios, toys, and other things his mother spent good money on that ended up as a pile of parts in a box.


Later on in life, his interests shifted into the automotive field. Still currently working as a mechanic, he has access to all sorts of engine, transmission, and drivetrain parts from automobiles. Never the one who felt like correctly reassembling what he took apart, (except for the cutomer's cars) he took an interest in welding and now assembles the parts the way he wants to, resulting in the sculptures you find in this website.


Grant was born in Atlanta and currently resides there. He would tell you that his creative abilities came from his mother, and his attention to detail, from his father. The rest of it (the welding, knowledge of metal, and mechanics) was mostly self taught out of books and trial and error. Thank you for visiting Grease Monkey Metal Works, and don't leave until you've seen everything! Before you go, could you tell that it was Grant Spafford The whole time who was writing about himself in the third person. Now that I think about it, makes me feel a bit like a lunatic.